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How does CoolSculpting work?



Freezes away the fat!

All of us at The CoolSuite understand the feeling of wanting to get rid of those stubborn fat areas and we have performed this procedure on countless happy clients (we even CoolSculpt each other)! CoolSculpting® helps all ranges of people achieve their goals and say goodbye to stubborn fat that just won’t budge. The CoolSuite would love to help you on that journey!

CoolSculpting Machine

• The CoolSculpting® applicator will chill your unwanted fat cells to a certain temperature (around -9C) for a specific amount of time (35 to 75 minutes) and your body will tell those fat cells to die.

• No other cells, such as nerve, skin, or muscle cells are damaged during the procedure.

CoolSculpting Machine

• After the treatment ends, a 2-minute frozen fat massage will damage those crystallized fat cells so the body can’t repair them.

• These damaged fat cells will die over a 2-3 day period and then the dead fat cells will take 2-4 months to flush out of your body (about a French fry worth of fat a day).

• The skin is not negatively compromised (no loose skin) and results are beautiful and lasting.

Mobile CoolSculpting services


The CoolSuite

You don’t have to be a celebrity to be treated like one.
The CoolSuite is the definition of luxury CoolSculpting.

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Am I a candidate?

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