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Muscle Mass Specialist

The CoolSuite

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Increasing muscle mass takes dedication and hard work. When you fail to get the results you expect despite putting in time and effort, Gina Timmerman and the team at The CoolSuite, based in Spokane, Washington, may have a solution for you. Through their body contouring services, they can help you build muscle mass with EMSCULPT®. Call the office or schedule an appointment online today.

Muscle Mass Q & A


What are the benefits of muscle mass?

Muscle offers many health benefits. Your muscle mass plays a vital role in supporting your body’s mobility, strength, and balance. It’s also metabolically active, which means it needs energy (calories) to maintain mobility, strength, and mass. 

When you think about working out, you may focus most of your attention on activities liking walking, running, or spin class. But strength-training exercises are as important. 

Adding muscle mass with strength-training exercises is important for your health and well-being but may not always get you the results you want. At The CoolSuite, the team uses EMSCULPT to help increase muscle mass without more trips to the gym. 

How does EMSCULPT build muscle mass?

EMSCULPT is a noninvasive muscle building and body contouring tool. It uses high-intensity electromagnetic (HIFEM+) energy to force muscle contractions in the deep layers of your muscle. The process is aerobic, unlike lifting weights which become anaerobic, so there is no soreness and all lactic acid is eliminated during each treatment. 

One session of EMSCULPT causes thousands of powerful muscle contractions not possible during a typical muscle-building workout. These contractions force the muscles to adapt, change, and grow, increasing mass and strength.

EMSCULPT is FDA-approved to treat your:

  • Abdomen
  • Buttocks
  • Thighs
  • Calves
  • Upper arms

In addition to building up to 16% more muscle mass and increasing muscle strength, EMSCULPT also reduces up to 20% fat. The result is improved muscle tone and body shape. 

What happens during muscle mass treatment sessions?

The team at The CoolSuite customizes your treatment and reviews what you can expect at your initial consultation.

Each session takes about 30 minutes and feels like an intense workout, although you lie back and relax during the treatment. The team recommends a minimum of four EMSCULPT sessions every two to three days to get the best results. 

There’s no downtime after your EMSCULPT treatment, and you can resume your usual activities after your session. 

How long does it take to see changes in muscle mass?

Though results vary, most people see noticeable changes in their body shape after their first muscle mass session. However, positive changes in muscle tone and strength may take two to four weeks after the last session, with continued improvements over the next several weeks.

The CoolSuite recommends you eat a healthy diet and engage in regular aerobic and strength-training exercises to maintain your look.

To schedule a muscle mass consultation at The CoolSuite, call the office or book an appointment online today.