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Overall Immunity Specialist

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Your immune system protects your body against germs that cause illness. Seeing a need to help their patients improve their overall immunity, Gina Timmerman and the team at The CoolSuite, based in Spokane, Washington, offer many innovative therapies to improve immune health. Find out more about how you can improve your overall immunity by calling the office or scheduling a consultation online today.

Overall Immunity Q & A


How does the immune system work?

Your immune system has organs, cells, proteins, and chemicals that help fight off germs to prevent infections. The components of your immune system include:

  • White blood cells — look for foreign invaders
  • Antibodies — proteins that defend against germs
  • Lymphatic system ― assist in fighting and removing germs from the body
  • Spleen — removes microbes from the body
  • Thymus — produces lymphocytes, a type of white blood cell

Your body also relies on other systems to protect against germs, like your skin and digestive system. But when germs get into the body, your immune system works hard at defending your body against the foreign invader to prevent sickness. 

What is overall immunity?

Overall immunity refers to your body’s ability to resist infection and prevent sickness. When you come in contact with a substance your body considers foreign and dangerous, it creates antibodies to fight off the germ the next time you come in contact with it. 

Though your body may not be able to fight off all germs before they make you sick, you can take steps to improve your overall immunity that might prevent severe symptoms or prolonged illness.

What can help improve overall immunity?

The CoolSuite team wants nothing more than for you to look and feel your best. They provide guidance on the steps you can take to improve your overall immunity. 

The team may recommend lifestyle changes such as eating a healthy diet, getting regular exercise, and making sleep a priority to improve your overall immunity. 

In addition to these lifestyle changes, the team offers treatments that might also support immune health, such as:


EMSCULPT is a noninvasive body sculpting tool that helps build muscle mass and strength. Adequate muscle mass is important for overall immunity. 

With EMSCULPT, the team helps you build muscle without having to spend hours lifting weights at the gym. EMSCULPT uses high-intensity electromagnetic energy that induces powerful muscle contractions that force your muscles to adapt, change, and grow. 

The team uses EMSCULPT for balance improvement, skin integrity, and wound healing, which all support overall immunity. 


The CoolSuite recommends cbdMD products for overall immunity. These products contain cannabidiol (CBD), which is a compound in cannabis plants. 

CBD works with your body’s natural endocannabinoid system (ECS) to reduce inflammation, support immune health, and improve your natural sleep cycle.

Improving your overall immunity may help your body fight against germs. Call The CoolSuite, or schedule an appointment online today.