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Sports Performance Specialist

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Consistency is key to increasing your sports performance, but even multiple high-intensity workouts cannot match the results of body contouring treatments with EMSCULPT®. The CoolSuite, based in Spokane, Washington, offers EMSCULPT to help you improve your strength, endurance, and athletic recovery. To find out more about how body contouring can improve your sports performance, call the mobile body contouring practice or request an appointment online today.

Sports Performance Q & A


What is sports performance?

Sports performance refers to the parameters that measure different variables related to your physical fitness. You can get an idea of your sports performance under these four categories:


Your skill is the level of talent you have in your particular sport. Practicing and training for your sport cause your skill to improve with time. 


Strength refers to the force and power you exert. You can measure your strength by lifting heavy weights, but it’s applicable across all sports. 


Endurance refers to how long your body can exert strength. It involves cardiovascular work and the work of your muscles.


Recovery is your body’s ability to bounce back to baseline levels after a workout. It reduces muscle soreness and other lasting effects. 

Which services can improve my sports performance?

The CoolSuite specializes in body sculpting, a type of treatment that changes your body’s composition. Some body sculpting treatments, like CoolSculpting®, lower your fat composition. That helps with your athletic performance by increasing your power to weight ratio, which may improve your strength concerning your sport of choice. 

The CoolSuite also offers EMSCULPT®, a body contouring procedure that not only decreases fat but helps build and strengthen muscle fibers at the same time. The treatment device emits radiofrequency to warm your muscles up before stimulating muscle contractions with high intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM+) energy. 

The effects of EMSCULPT are similar to high-intensity workouts - the stimulated muscle contractions are stronger than the muscle contractions you consciously make during a workout. A treatment regimen with EMSCULPT at The CoolSuite can result in an average 25% growth in muscle volume and a 30% average reduction in subcutaneous fat. 

How can I improve my sports performance after treatment?

Improving your sports performance outside of The CoolSuite requires motivation and dedication to your physical fitness. 

Of course, one of the most important steps you can take is to work out regularly and consistently.

Beyond the workouts and sports practice, improving your sports performance may involve:

  • Altering your diet
  • Staying hydrated
  • Allowing yourself time to recover
  • Getting plenty of sleep
  • Taking supplements
  • Varying your workouts
  • Stretching and warming up before workouts

The more you take care of your body, the more familiar with your needs you become. You can see your sports performance improvements by setting measurable goals and keeping track of your progress over time. 

Body sculpting procedures like EMSCULPT can increase your sports performance with far less conscious effort than typical workouts. To see if you’re a good candidate, call The CoolSuite for a consultation or book online today.